Saturday, September 29, 2012

No time for blogging

It's been an interesting (for me at least) time recently.

Olympics were great, especially two of my favourite sports track cycling and rowing, which were favourites of mine before we became particularlygood at it. Paralympics were great, an inspiration.

la Vuelta was good, until Rodrigues had a bad day and Contador took the lead - I can't get excited when a drug-cheat wins. Chris Froome did well, but I think he was outgunned by 3 spaniards kinda working together.

Tour of Britain was good, Wiggins certainly grafts but had to pull out. Tiernan-Locke won and hopefully will join Team-Sky.

World Road Championships were disappointing, but largely predictable.

Enjoying being a grandad, wasn't sure I would.

Guested a mate on a club stretch where I've caught quite a few. To be fair I gave him choice of 3 "selected" swims, and he chose well. I didn't get a bite but he had two including a new PB.

Fished with "one of the masters" of barbel angling last week, both of us being guests of a nice guy, it was a hugely enjoyable day. I spent most of the time sitting with him and listening. "The master" invited me out again, so he must have enjoyed it too.

Disappointed Hamilton has left McLaren.

Enough for now, flasks to fill.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Too much to watch, no time to blog.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Almost there

What a fantastic race, Bradley almost there as long as he stays on his bike today. To hear Chris Hoy say that if Bradley wins the tour it could be the highest achievement ever by a British sportsman, makes you think. Obviously he needs a team around him for it to happen, and then they need to perform, but that's what the team was put together for. That Mark Cavendish joined the team knowing that it would cost him several (I think) stage wins says a lot. The team members make a huge sacrifice knowing that whatever their aspirations, they will give all for the team, and the team leader.

Could Chris Froome win the tour? maybe, but Bradley is one exceptional cyclist and that's a question that may never be answered. If he develops into team-leader potential, maybe we can see a second british winner, who knows? But it will be interesting to see if the team stays intact for next year's tour, and will Bradley still be there, and with an appetite for more? I for one look forward to it.

I hope they set Cav up for a 4th win on the Champs thingy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Countdown .................

...... to the Olympics - normally I'd be looking forward to it, but being "over here" it's going to be difficult. Chaos on the roads and on public transport (although I don't use the latter these days); businesses suffering cos of access restrictions; businesses suffering cos deliveries in and out are forced to be between midnight and 5am; can't go fishing at one of my clubs cos they're shutting the car parks. Whatever happens I'm sure the costs will rack up, and who will end up paying?

Anyway, so as not to sound like a sad moaney old git ...................

Am enjoying le Tour. Bradley in yellow is great, and all is shaping up well for a historic result, but it ain't over till it's over. Anything can happen and another incident like yesterday's where some saddo tried to wreck it all with tacks scattered on the road it could end up with more tears, it already cost one rider a broken collar bone! I just hope the French cycling fans find out who did it :-)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another blogging blanking time

Yet again, has been a while since I last tapped anything on my keyboard, so what's been happening? (if I can remember that is), in no particular order.

My lot finished 3rd in the Prem, keeping our rightful place (just) above the enemy :-)

My daughter made us grandparents again, this time a baby girl, a few weeks ago. Lovely little thing she is, but then I would say that wouldn't I?

F1 looking interesting, with all these different winners, but gutted today with Maldonado (the latest mobile chicane) battering Hamilton off in the last lap or so. Maybe Hamilton's tyres were shot, but I think a podium was on. Now, IF Maldonado is put before the stewards, and whatever happens, you can't give a podium back.

Started my barbel season off quite well. One fish on my first trip, and three on Friday, is a stunning start for me by any accounts. Four fish from a venue that I caught just eight from in the whole of last season (albeit only two in the whole of the season before) so it's looking good for an improvement. I don't do targets, and as I said to my good mate Biggun, "do I care?" (who's caught more between us) "Nah", and as he replied "neither of us do". Tis so true. If my fishing mate DaveC can fish with me this week, it'll make the season sof far all the better, as I haven't seen him since September due to his injuries.

The ABF's first "Meet the Experts" evening went well, we all enjoyed it especially "the experts" and the next one should be better if we build on this - I'm sure we will. Lots of fish-ins coming up, all bode well for the  future.

Looking forward to the Olympics, but as long as "we" are not held to ransome by certain workers. I'm a handyman and decorator and I wonder if I will get a bonus of £500 just for doing MY job? Nah, I doubt it too.

I love the TT. I recorded about 12 programmes on my PVR and sat down one day to start watching and all, plus 24 other recordings, had disappeared. Looking at the hard-drive useage I could see all were still there, som 35GB of them, but the damn index had gone, so I couldn't watch any. So managed to see a couple of review TT programmes on i-Player, but that was all. Never mind, as I said at the time (well not exactly at the time co's the air was a bit blue) it's not life or death, they were only TV programmes.

Laid 4 real-wood floors and 3 ceramic tiled floors last week, with a pal, in 5.5 days. Getting too old for this, my knees are already knackered, and my dicky back is not happy either.

Looking forward NOT to Wimbledon, 2 weeks of tennis every day on our TV. Cannot see what people like about it, but then they don't fish do they?

Euro-2012 Football? Cannot get interested at all. But I see that Alastair Brownlee came back from his injuries and beat his brother Johnny in the latest international Triathlon. I know predictions are dangerous, but who'd bet against these two getting gold and silver at the olympics?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

They should have known better

McLaren. Would have been their 150th F1 pole position, but they didn't put enough fuel in and contravened the rules, so all that work led to nowt. Hamilton must be gutted.

With all their experience, and that technology, why couldn't they work out the amount needed - they sure knew soon enough when they told Hamilton to switch off the engine out on the track, so it makes me wonder whether they took a risk (with the rules) and just cocked it up.


Ok, so subsequently it was deemed that there was enough fuel put in but the rules state "....... and have to be able to drive back to the pit-lane and have one litre of fuel left for the FIA to test"

So, it was iffy that there would be enough left and Hamilton was told to cut the engine - a McLaren cock-up and it shouldn't happen, surely?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

If you like sport ...............

............ and I do

I came across this Guardian article 50 Stunning Olympic Moments which is a great read on a rainy day

FA Cup final today, but I don't watch live matches, I'd rather watch highlights these days. I don't much care who wins, I just hope my lot win today in the Prem.

Will look again at the World Cycling Championships I recorded, some great stuff there (for Brits)

Getting ready for the fishing season. I stripped some rings off of my barbel rods as the inserts kept popping out (I was told it was likely a bad batch in 2003 when I bought the rings) and have finished whipping. Now for the boring job, 2 hours turning them whilst the flex-coat dries. I used to have a motorised turner but it took up too much room, and I don't build many rods these days, so it's a cardboard box with vee-slots, a kitchen timer, mobile phone switched off, a lot of patience - and if anyone comes knocking at the door, then tough.

Got details of the newly revised Fred Crouch range of centrepins, I still need to take some photos but details (words) will again be on my website very soon. I had to buy another two for myself - it would be rude not to.

Roy Hodgson? oh dear, oh dear.

Rowing World Cup starts about now - looking forward to this.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Association of Barbel Fishers invites you to "Meet the Experts"

To purchase a ticket for this event please click here

Saddened to hear .....

.... about the death of Terry Spinks. He won a gold medal at the Melbourne olympics, although to look at him you'd think of the saying "butter wouldn't melt in his mouth". Certainly had an up and down life.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Recently ..............

Just loved the World Track Cycling Championships. Obviously better since GB does well, and bodes well for the Olympics, but enjoy every minute of it. Makes a huge difference to have such a good commentating team, especially Hugh Porter, as you get info that you'd miss, especially in the scratch, points and madison races, with so many cyclists on track at the same time.

I remember when we used to get coverage of the Skol 6 day races - in fact I remember when we used to get coverage of a lot of sports, but alas no longer.

Spent a couple of weeks in North Devon, was so lucky with the weather.

Grandson growing, will see him today.

Gunners back in their rightful spot, above "the enemy" :) . Poor old 'arry, his main goal not achieved again, hopefully it'll stay that way :)

Not sure I get the Boat Race these days - getting as many big foreign guys as they can just for this event, are they studying? But what a farce on Saturday. Prat in the water; all stop; started back from where they stopped giving Cambridge an advantage (that they messed up on before); restarted level, giving Cambridge an advantage that they'd lost before; boats together, blades crashed, Oxford's broke, game over. Hollow victory. ex-Cambridge referee innit. Hope the Oxford guy who collapsed is ok.

Monday, March 19, 2012

This last week

Fishing season came to a close, haven't fished last week for years. Two days with best mate Biggun on the Trent and the Pats, then last day had a great and enjoyable trip with Biggun and some mates on the Kennet.

Brilliant win for Jensen in Australia, but for a safety car it could have been a McLaren 1-2, but then it's the same for everyone.

Daughter-in-Law finally (14 days late) gave birth early this morning. We are Grandparents for the first time - so my latest nickname of "Pops" is now more apt perhaps.

It pains me to say well done to the Taffs. But I was pleased with England's performances with such a young side. I hope they give the nod to Stuart Lancaster to carry on - England should be coached by an Englishman.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Almost ..............

3-4 to Milan. After having been written off after the first 0-4 leg, tonight's 3-0 victory was brilliant. Ok, not a win, but a great performance.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Another non-blog period

Yet another log period without adding to my blog - is it really worth having it I ask myself.

So what's happened since last entry? In no particular order.

Now added Treasurer role to my Membership duties in the ABF, Bob has a lot on and needed someone to take over.

Converted BarbelAngler to a new forum software, with help of course. It went well, and have Conrad on board to help now, as with Phoenix.

Enjoyed Arsenal beating thumping the old enemy last week, sweet, albeit after a couple of poor results (FA Cup and Champions League, but league form has been good, a far cry from earlier in the season when the wishful-thinkers were talking relegation. Was good to see the great man, Thierry, back for a spell. Will he return again? a bit old for regular games but surely a talisman and inspirational figure, hopefully with a coaching role. Denis Bergkamp was going to return too, where is he I wonder?

Enjoyed the (track) cycling world cup at the Olympic velodrome, London. Looks to be a fast track with atmospheric conditions and temperature well designed, but then all competitors will be faster.

Finished re-furbin' our bedroom. Walls and ceiling re-plastered, and opted for having wardrobe doors custom made. Old and new styles below

We like it so am starting the next bedroom soon.

Done some fishing recently, but the barbel are not playing very often. I know my chosen venue is hard but it lures us back time and time again. Still, a nicer place to blank would be hard to find. Why go fishing? in order to enjoy it, fish or not. Do I enjoy it? yes, definitely.

Am looking forward to the F1 season, but pi##ed off about the reduced coverage on (terrestrial) TV, yet another sport going the way of Sky, but for how long? Shame Martin Brundle and Ted Kravits going too, but at least "we" don't get that idiot Legard returning to BBC.

Daughter-in-Law still got her knees together, so no news of baby yet (due yesterday)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A bit more to do

After just over 1 year since the ABF went open I am going to add, subject to members ratification and agreement, another arm to my present team role. It's only because the current officer has too much on his plate at present and needs to take a backward step for a while. Deafened, as expected, by the vociferous :) clamour to get involved (NOT) it is only right to step in and help out. If we can't help each other at times, then it's time to say goodbye, and that's not happening.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not blogged for a while

Wow, noticed it's almost 2 months since I last added anything, but doubt anyone missed it. So what's been happening?

Can't remember to be honest. Xmas came and went. My daughter is expecting and that's great. Going to be a double Grandad, Son's wife in March, daughter in June.

I need to find a new chiropractor, my back is not happy.

Was going to have a long break but ended up helping a pal finish a large kitchen refurb. My house next, it's been a while and 'er indoors has been patient, and we do need a bedroom re-fit. Whether complete new wardrobes or just new doors not sure yet.

Disappointed with Amir Khan losing, but seems some less than honest stuff went on. Sour grapes or not, hopefully there'll be a rematch.

Still enjoying fishing when I get out. Not catching much but just nice to be out. The older I get the less important it is to catch, adding weight to my old saying (not sure whether I coined it or read it) that "catching fish is a bonus to a good day out". Have been fishing quite a few sessions when I'm the only one on the bank, at least from early evening up until midnight. I'm glad I don't feel the cold, but always fish under a brolly, one with sides, and it makes a huge difference. In fact I've not fished wearing a coat for years, just a fleece as it gets later, even a few weeks ago when it was -3 degC at midnight. Cold yes, my brolly was like an igloo and I had to crack it, breath like vapour trails in the sky, but I wasn't cold.

My browser just crashed and I thought I'd lost this. But when it re-started it was still intact. Firefox, that's impressive. Better post now in case. See you soon.