Saturday, November 27, 2010

ABF - update

Only open for applications since Nov 19th, it's over 100 members already. Must be something in it that people fancy is worth a go.



Mother-in-Law (aged 91), having come out of hospital after 12 weeks just a little while ago, fell and broke her other hip. She spent 2 weeks 'oop Kettering way but was transferred back down to our local hospital Thursday night. Hating it at first, although she insisted she wanted to come back, she is ok now she's settled in. I reckon her legs are a bit Barry Sheene'ish.


Friday, November 19, 2010

New barbel fishing organisation

Announcement of new barbel fishing organisation. They said this :

Welcome to news of the ABF – The Association of Barbel Fishers. We at the ABF have formed our association with a clear view of what we want in the future. We are a natural evolution in specialist groups and will be run democratically with elected officials.
The current members now wish to offer membership to all interested anglers. Initially, membership of the ABF will require a small donation in order to prove identity; these donations will be used to finance the ABF running costs.
The ABF is NOT intended to become opposed to existing barbel forums or groups and does not intend to participate in internet conflicts with any group nor individual. In fact many existing members are also members of other current websites, forums and barbel groups.
We want a group that values it’s members and becomes the place for friendships and shared experiences to develop, to bring enjoyment to our fishing.
One of the main aims of the Association of Barbel Fishers is that the membership contributes and has a say in the way the association operates.
In the near future the ABF, given your support and encouragement, intends to provide members with: -
  • Members ‘Away Days’ forum to arrange fishing days on each other’s waters.
  • Weekly News
  • A regular on-line magazine as and when we grow
  • Regular fundraising events for charities nominated by the membership.
Given good support and a firm financial base, in the medium and long term we plan to provide: -
  • A robust membership base and a group managed by elected officials.
  • Associate memberships of various barbel rivers around the whole country.
  • Group ‘get-togethers’ and ‘fish-ins’ and other similar events.
  • Support for barbel welfare in the form of habitat improvement working in conjunction with other appropriate parties.
Application details are as follows:
Go to the following page:
then fill in new members section using real names only which will be verified.
You are cordially invited to come along and join us,
Good Fishing,
The Association of Barbel Fishers