Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Just a quick catch-up

Pretty much forgot about this blog, but I was idling and tidying and thought I'd just do a quick catch-up ...........

In a few weeks time I'll be a grandad again, my daughter is about to have her second (and last). It was something of a miracle that she had one, her consultant said almost impossible that she'd manage a second - moral : just don't give up hope, and keep practising !!

I have given up working (for others) and am spending some time on my own house for a change, just installing a downstairs loo to help in our later years. We had a new roof late last year, and replaced our lawn with "fake grass" which is brilliant. Had new doors made for my wardrobes, look good.

Enjoyed the footy last season, some of my team's play was great, just a shame they didn't make it to top spot. Cries of "boring boring" laid to rest a long time ago - at least for my team that is.

Am enjoying F1 again. Perhaps not because of the spectacle of the racing, likely more to do with Lewis winning. It's a tad sad that I enjoy sport more when "we" are winning, but that's the way of the sporting fan - perhaps not sporting? I used to love watching athletics, but these days I'm disgusted with all those that are (obviously) having chemical help, but moreso that some get banned, banned again, and still they are allowed to sully the sport.

I pondered and considered for quite a while, but eventually decided that I had had enough of running the ABF, no disrespect to the others but I was doing too much and it was becoming too time consuming, I need a break, so I jacked it in. It (the ABF) was in a fit and healthy state when I left in April, not quite sure what is happening now.

I am re-kindled, and re-charged, and really looking forward to fishing soon. Ok, pending grandchild may come at a (fishing wise) inopportune time, but priorities right - family first, and barbel second. Although as I fish late at night then I can fish without causing anyone any problem by my absence, we shall see.