Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, blog re-visited

It's been a while since I blogged anything, doubtless nobody missed me :) .So what's been happening?

Granchildren growing oh so fast, am enjoying being the whiskered old fart.

Rivers been to high for me to bother with lately. When my nearest favoured club water is 55 miles away , and my other one is 75 miles away, I can't think of making a trip unless I'm pretty sure it's worth it. Had a bout of man flu recently, so daft to even think of it.

After all these years, 30 or so without ever wearing a coat for fishing, have changed my "style". I don't really feel the cold that much and always happy to fish from under a brolly, so coat was worn from van to river, and then river to van, at all other times sat beside my bag - but when it was tipping it down playing and landing a fish was always a problem. Now decided on, and bought, an ex-army gortex jacket which is easily donned, and I'll be cooking on gas.

Have enjoyed watching re-runs of the Olympics. Funniest comment was about Mo Farrah, something like "he took on the Africans and beat them" ................. and Mo comes from? Somalia.

Phil Taylor, his 16th world championship win, just amazing.

 ................... already bored, may write some more later.