Thursday, January 19, 2012

A bit more to do

After just over 1 year since the ABF went open I am going to add, subject to members ratification and agreement, another arm to my present team role. It's only because the current officer has too much on his plate at present and needs to take a backward step for a while. Deafened, as expected, by the vociferous :) clamour to get involved (NOT) it is only right to step in and help out. If we can't help each other at times, then it's time to say goodbye, and that's not happening.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not blogged for a while

Wow, noticed it's almost 2 months since I last added anything, but doubt anyone missed it. So what's been happening?

Can't remember to be honest. Xmas came and went. My daughter is expecting and that's great. Going to be a double Grandad, Son's wife in March, daughter in June.

I need to find a new chiropractor, my back is not happy.

Was going to have a long break but ended up helping a pal finish a large kitchen refurb. My house next, it's been a while and 'er indoors has been patient, and we do need a bedroom re-fit. Whether complete new wardrobes or just new doors not sure yet.

Disappointed with Amir Khan losing, but seems some less than honest stuff went on. Sour grapes or not, hopefully there'll be a rematch.

Still enjoying fishing when I get out. Not catching much but just nice to be out. The older I get the less important it is to catch, adding weight to my old saying (not sure whether I coined it or read it) that "catching fish is a bonus to a good day out". Have been fishing quite a few sessions when I'm the only one on the bank, at least from early evening up until midnight. I'm glad I don't feel the cold, but always fish under a brolly, one with sides, and it makes a huge difference. In fact I've not fished wearing a coat for years, just a fleece as it gets later, even a few weeks ago when it was -3 degC at midnight. Cold yes, my brolly was like an igloo and I had to crack it, breath like vapour trails in the sky, but I wasn't cold.

My browser just crashed and I thought I'd lost this. But when it re-started it was still intact. Firefox, that's impressive. Better post now in case. See you soon.