Monday, July 25, 2011


Too old for this, no chance of doing it at a decent pace. Saturday 10 hours, Sunday 10 hours, this morning 4 hours

Paving my son's front garden. He, his brother-in-law and me, all grafted. They are young and they ache, me? absolutely cream-crackered, back, knees, hands, fingers, all sore.

Good and bad

What a brilliant F1 race on Sunday, so glad Hamilton won. Gutted for Button, quite unusual for mechanical failure these days.

Have enjoyed le Tour the past 3 weeks, but have to say I wasn't chuffed with the winner, really don't like him at all. But I guess he deserved it overall. Cavendish's team are so well drilled that him winning the Green was virtually a given - only nervous moments when twice he was outside the time-limit but was in the bunch, so no end of race but points docked as per the rules. Fortunately his main rival was in the same bunch on Friday, so all was well :-)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

le Tour

Been too busy to blog - letting finger mend, working, and watching le Tour

Cavendish is brilliant