Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sad news today that my best mate Mike, aka Biggun, lost a good mate today - his trusty companion Jasper. Many a time we all shared good times on the banks of the Trent, Jasper was a lively dog to say the least.

Here he is "on the lookout"

and here, not sure that happy, in his lifejacket

Bet you chase a few rats wherever you are little fella.

The weekend

Work is where you do stuff for people you don't know and get paid for it, holidays are where you do stuff for people you do know (family) and don't get paid for it. So I had a nice break from work, and did some work - but not too much this time :-)

A bit of gardening, a pub lunch, an Indian takeaway, a Chinese takeaway. Didn't enjoy the footy :-(

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Latest stuff

Been too busy to visit my own blog recently.

Formula 1 : great race today (China). Fantastic that Lewis won; shame Jenson missed out on a podium; but amazingly good race by Webber to get a podium after starting 18th on the grid. Looks like the Pirelli tyres and their designed degredation is making it very interesting this year.

Footy : Damn 1-1 draw, 98th minute penalty for 1-0 and then a 102nd minute equaliser for 1-1. Looks like an uphill struggle now, 6 points behind :-(