Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An update

Mother-in-Law passed on to a better place today.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Championships are disappointing so often. Jessica Ennis was a cert, or so I thought.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Not blogged for a while

I noticed that I've not blogged for a while, not missed it and I doubt many have either. So what's happened recently? In no particular order :

Replaced my side fences and gate. Didn't fancy doing it myself so I got help from a fencing guy I knew. Those 9ft concrete posts are heavy, but he had the technique. We worked well together and did teh job in just two days, with an extra day for applying the wood preservative, trellis, re-grouting the patio pavings etc.

Bought another centrepin, but this one was only £10 brand new - I have a plan to raise money for charity with this, more details at a later date.

Mother-in-Law went into hospital yet again. We were told it was fairly routine and was ok for us to go on holiday, family were still here after all. But after 4 days we got a call that they found something and she may only have 2-3 days to live, so of course we came straight home. That was on Aug 4th and she is still hanging on bless her. She is back in her nursing home, won't get better, and it's still just a matter of time - but what do they know?

My team had a good win in Europe last week, with most of the team barely shaving yet, but had a narrow defeat yesterday, just 8-2. I think it's a cunning plan to lull the others into a false sense of security. Time will tell.

F1 has lost its appeal, for me that is.

Motor GP has lost its appeal , for me that is.

Had a new PB barbel the other day, that was nice.

For one reason or another, have not done a lot of big-jobs work lately, but things are picking up even though I try to deter poeple from wanting my services. They'll have to wait though as I sold my van yesterday. Means I can't go fishing for a while either but that's the price.

The ABF is going well. It's not all about numbers but we have almost 300 now. You can join for a £1 but most donate more than that as they, too, see it as a new and exciting venture. We raised £500+ for charity with our first scheme, and have more to follow. We have three fisheries with more to follow. We are not interested in conflict, and it's refreshing.