Sunday, July 22, 2012

Almost there

What a fantastic race, Bradley almost there as long as he stays on his bike today. To hear Chris Hoy say that if Bradley wins the tour it could be the highest achievement ever by a British sportsman, makes you think. Obviously he needs a team around him for it to happen, and then they need to perform, but that's what the team was put together for. That Mark Cavendish joined the team knowing that it would cost him several (I think) stage wins says a lot. The team members make a huge sacrifice knowing that whatever their aspirations, they will give all for the team, and the team leader.

Could Chris Froome win the tour? maybe, but Bradley is one exceptional cyclist and that's a question that may never be answered. If he develops into team-leader potential, maybe we can see a second british winner, who knows? But it will be interesting to see if the team stays intact for next year's tour, and will Bradley still be there, and with an appetite for more? I for one look forward to it.

I hope they set Cav up for a 4th win on the Champs thingy.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Countdown .................

...... to the Olympics - normally I'd be looking forward to it, but being "over here" it's going to be difficult. Chaos on the roads and on public transport (although I don't use the latter these days); businesses suffering cos of access restrictions; businesses suffering cos deliveries in and out are forced to be between midnight and 5am; can't go fishing at one of my clubs cos they're shutting the car parks. Whatever happens I'm sure the costs will rack up, and who will end up paying?

Anyway, so as not to sound like a sad moaney old git ...................

Am enjoying le Tour. Bradley in yellow is great, and all is shaping up well for a historic result, but it ain't over till it's over. Anything can happen and another incident like yesterday's where some saddo tried to wreck it all with tacks scattered on the road it could end up with more tears, it already cost one rider a broken collar bone! I just hope the French cycling fans find out who did it :-)