Friday, April 27, 2012

Association of Barbel Fishers invites you to "Meet the Experts"

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Saddened to hear .....

.... about the death of Terry Spinks. He won a gold medal at the Melbourne olympics, although to look at him you'd think of the saying "butter wouldn't melt in his mouth". Certainly had an up and down life.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Recently ..............

Just loved the World Track Cycling Championships. Obviously better since GB does well, and bodes well for the Olympics, but enjoy every minute of it. Makes a huge difference to have such a good commentating team, especially Hugh Porter, as you get info that you'd miss, especially in the scratch, points and madison races, with so many cyclists on track at the same time.

I remember when we used to get coverage of the Skol 6 day races - in fact I remember when we used to get coverage of a lot of sports, but alas no longer.

Spent a couple of weeks in North Devon, was so lucky with the weather.

Grandson growing, will see him today.

Gunners back in their rightful spot, above "the enemy" :) . Poor old 'arry, his main goal not achieved again, hopefully it'll stay that way :)

Not sure I get the Boat Race these days - getting as many big foreign guys as they can just for this event, are they studying? But what a farce on Saturday. Prat in the water; all stop; started back from where they stopped giving Cambridge an advantage (that they messed up on before); restarted level, giving Cambridge an advantage that they'd lost before; boats together, blades crashed, Oxford's broke, game over. Hollow victory. ex-Cambridge referee innit. Hope the Oxford guy who collapsed is ok.