Sunday, October 30, 2011

That's better

5-3 at the bridge, that's better :-)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A "challenge"

I purchased a Barbus Riverking centrepin reel. My idea (well my good mate Dave's idea really, that just moved on) is that as a (longterm) charity "event" and a bit of fun, I issue a challenge for anyone to catch a barbel using this reel and pass it on. It won't be confined to ABF members, just those whom you trust as we need to get it back eventually :)

The "challenge" is to catch a barbel using this reel, record the details, and pass it on for the next person to do the same. At some time in the future we will ask each person who accepted the "challenge" to donate £5 to our nominated charity. The idea is that eventually when there are enough captors listed we may also raffle the reel for charity - it's a "perhaps" idea, but should be fun.

The Barbus reel is not a quality product as it only costs £10 + delivery, so do not expect too much. Both of the ratchet mechanisms are strange but it spins well enough and should be fine.

some blah blah blah here

I trust that someday I will get the reel back, and a charity will benefit.

I began the challenge on the Middle Trent yesterday, and was lucky enough to have this one at 11-08

I don't care to have my picture (with fish or without) on the net very much, but this is a good cause. Size is not important but it was a nice starter :) The reel has been passed on to my good mate "Biggun" ................ more anon.

A nasty crash

Although the MotoGP series has virtually ended when Casey Stoner was crowned champion, there is still lots to race for - pride, and not forgetting getting a contract for next term.

But it was so sad news when the horrific accident claimed the life of Marco Simoncelli. A rather aggressive rider for sure, and sometimes he was not the most popular because of this, but nobody would have wished for this.

It's such a bl##dy dangerous sport, and the 800cc spec has reached a limit. Next stage is a bigger engine but with a smaller pot, therefore requiring a longer stroke, and thus lower revs. Hopefully this will be safer, but then accidents like this will happen anyway, it's inevitable.

What's been happening?

Haven't blogged for a while, been pretty busy. So, what's been happening?

Had a holiday, a kind of "replacement" for the one we missed when we returned home early when Mother-in-Law's condition became terminal. A holiday in this country, in September, where we had a run of five consecutive days on the beach - whomever this Indian is who made the summer, I thank him.

Finished my van, so all is comfy now, and it's great for fishing.