Sunday, November 13, 2011

Amateur boxing - at last

At last, they've changed the scoring for amateur bouts on TV. No longer will we have the stupid "running scores" on screen. Ok, we get the scores at the end of each round, but at least there's some excitement to watching a close bout again.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smokin Joe, RIP

What a shame. Always loved watching Smokin Joe, being less tall than many he used the hook to good advantage, which was exciting - more like a middle.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

That's better

5-3 at the bridge, that's better :-)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A "challenge"

I purchased a Barbus Riverking centrepin reel. My idea (well my good mate Dave's idea really, that just moved on) is that as a (longterm) charity "event" and a bit of fun, I issue a challenge for anyone to catch a barbel using this reel and pass it on. It won't be confined to ABF members, just those whom you trust as we need to get it back eventually :)

The "challenge" is to catch a barbel using this reel, record the details, and pass it on for the next person to do the same. At some time in the future we will ask each person who accepted the "challenge" to donate £5 to our nominated charity. The idea is that eventually when there are enough captors listed we may also raffle the reel for charity - it's a "perhaps" idea, but should be fun.

The Barbus reel is not a quality product as it only costs £10 + delivery, so do not expect too much. Both of the ratchet mechanisms are strange but it spins well enough and should be fine.

some blah blah blah here

I trust that someday I will get the reel back, and a charity will benefit.

I began the challenge on the Middle Trent yesterday, and was lucky enough to have this one at 11-08

I don't care to have my picture (with fish or without) on the net very much, but this is a good cause. Size is not important but it was a nice starter :) The reel has been passed on to my good mate "Biggun" ................ more anon.

A nasty crash

Although the MotoGP series has virtually ended when Casey Stoner was crowned champion, there is still lots to race for - pride, and not forgetting getting a contract for next term.

But it was so sad news when the horrific accident claimed the life of Marco Simoncelli. A rather aggressive rider for sure, and sometimes he was not the most popular because of this, but nobody would have wished for this.

It's such a bl##dy dangerous sport, and the 800cc spec has reached a limit. Next stage is a bigger engine but with a smaller pot, therefore requiring a longer stroke, and thus lower revs. Hopefully this will be safer, but then accidents like this will happen anyway, it's inevitable.

What's been happening?

Haven't blogged for a while, been pretty busy. So, what's been happening?

Had a holiday, a kind of "replacement" for the one we missed when we returned home early when Mother-in-Law's condition became terminal. A holiday in this country, in September, where we had a run of five consecutive days on the beach - whomever this Indian is who made the summer, I thank him.

Finished my van, so all is comfy now, and it's great for fishing.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Manx missile

Brilliant team performance that lead to Mark Cavendish's gold in the World Road Championships - eight men who cycled their b#lls off to allow Cav to stand on the podium. It's a hard sport where the team make all the difference, but rarely get the paludits that they deserve - except Cav always says he is only where he is because of the team-mates.

A gold also to Lucy Garner, a silver to Bradley Wiggins and a bronze to Emma Pooley - made this a fantastic championships.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

World Triathlon

Only just managed to see last week's triathlons from Bejing, but wasn't it great that we had winners in both men's and women's.

Alistair Brownlee first and world champion overall (second title), Johnny Brownlee third and world champion runner-up overall, Helen Jenkins first and world champion overall (second title).

Looking good for 2012 olympics.

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's been a busy couple of weeks

Got the funeral over with - it went well (as well as these things can go)

Haven't been able to wet a line, and have been busy decorating for a customer, so busy that I recruited a new apprentice ('er indoors) to help out. Turned down three jobs last week - I'm bl##dy (semi) retired, doesn't anyone understand?

Have ply-lined my new van and fitted security grilles. Just have to fit ladder and fishing-rod support rails now, and I'm done. Hate that the ply creaks against the bodywork but will have to get used to it - it's a van after all.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An update

Mother-in-Law passed on to a better place today.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Championships are disappointing so often. Jessica Ennis was a cert, or so I thought.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Not blogged for a while

I noticed that I've not blogged for a while, not missed it and I doubt many have either. So what's happened recently? In no particular order :

Replaced my side fences and gate. Didn't fancy doing it myself so I got help from a fencing guy I knew. Those 9ft concrete posts are heavy, but he had the technique. We worked well together and did teh job in just two days, with an extra day for applying the wood preservative, trellis, re-grouting the patio pavings etc.

Bought another centrepin, but this one was only £10 brand new - I have a plan to raise money for charity with this, more details at a later date.

Mother-in-Law went into hospital yet again. We were told it was fairly routine and was ok for us to go on holiday, family were still here after all. But after 4 days we got a call that they found something and she may only have 2-3 days to live, so of course we came straight home. That was on Aug 4th and she is still hanging on bless her. She is back in her nursing home, won't get better, and it's still just a matter of time - but what do they know?

My team had a good win in Europe last week, with most of the team barely shaving yet, but had a narrow defeat yesterday, just 8-2. I think it's a cunning plan to lull the others into a false sense of security. Time will tell.

F1 has lost its appeal, for me that is.

Motor GP has lost its appeal , for me that is.

Had a new PB barbel the other day, that was nice.

For one reason or another, have not done a lot of big-jobs work lately, but things are picking up even though I try to deter poeple from wanting my services. They'll have to wait though as I sold my van yesterday. Means I can't go fishing for a while either but that's the price.

The ABF is going well. It's not all about numbers but we have almost 300 now. You can join for a £1 but most donate more than that as they, too, see it as a new and exciting venture. We raised £500+ for charity with our first scheme, and have more to follow. We have three fisheries with more to follow. We are not interested in conflict, and it's refreshing.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Too old for this, no chance of doing it at a decent pace. Saturday 10 hours, Sunday 10 hours, this morning 4 hours

Paving my son's front garden. He, his brother-in-law and me, all grafted. They are young and they ache, me? absolutely cream-crackered, back, knees, hands, fingers, all sore.

Good and bad

What a brilliant F1 race on Sunday, so glad Hamilton won. Gutted for Button, quite unusual for mechanical failure these days.

Have enjoyed le Tour the past 3 weeks, but have to say I wasn't chuffed with the winner, really don't like him at all. But I guess he deserved it overall. Cavendish's team are so well drilled that him winning the Green was virtually a given - only nervous moments when twice he was outside the time-limit but was in the bunch, so no end of race but points docked as per the rules. Fortunately his main rival was in the same bunch on Friday, so all was well :-)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

le Tour

Been too busy to blog - letting finger mend, working, and watching le Tour

Cavendish is brilliant

Monday, June 13, 2011

Great victory

What an amazing race. The Canadian F1 Grand Prix looked to have been spoiled by rain, but when it finally got going after some two hours delay, what a result. Jensen Button won after an earlier collision with Hamilton; after a drive through penalty for speeding under safety car conditions; after going into the pits SIX times; after another incident with Alonso (hopefully stewards will ok this); after dropping to 21st place on the road.

He was on fantastic pace and reeled in driver after driver, each pass requiring a move onto the damp track obviously having to leave the dry racing line. With only a few laps left and the clock ticking on, it looked like a second place, but he eventually passed Vettel on the last lap.

Enjoyed this one, bring on the next.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Neglected my blog

I have neglected my blog recently. Been busy with lots of stuff : decorating for a customer; decorating for a friend; decorating for my daughter; jobs here and jobs there.

The ABF requires much background admin work, but I believe in it and it's fine. It's getting stronger, and the knockers remain unanswered, we do not enter into conflict.

Not the most important thing to sort, so has been on the back burner, but now this is our official logo

F1, was disappointed that the qualifying was "ruined" by an accident (thankfully no injuries) but then Vettel got a time in early so I guess he deserved it. The race was marred by an accident also, so I thought Vettel lucky to have won. But then again, you make your own luck, and it ain't lucky. Monaco requires some planning and some get it right, most don't.

Did well to miss the French tennis, struggling to miss the current one. Has Murray got his hurty knee again yet I wonder?

Missed the earlier TT coverage but have all the remaining set to record.

Like it or not, watch it or not - I don't and I don't. America's Got Talent that is. Never watched even a second of it, BUT was amazed at this 11 year old girl. Not precocious, and terrifically talented for one so young

Sunday, May 1, 2011

RIP Our 'Enery

Sad news of the death of Henry Cooper today. Always remembered for his famous 'ammer, that fabulous left hook that was measured once to only have travelled about 12", and especially for the time he dumped Cassius Clay on the seat of his pants.

I met him in Wembley once, a lovely guy. The book on his life is a compelling read.

RIP Our 'Enery

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sad news today that my best mate Mike, aka Biggun, lost a good mate today - his trusty companion Jasper. Many a time we all shared good times on the banks of the Trent, Jasper was a lively dog to say the least.

Here he is "on the lookout"

and here, not sure that happy, in his lifejacket

Bet you chase a few rats wherever you are little fella.

The weekend

Work is where you do stuff for people you don't know and get paid for it, holidays are where you do stuff for people you do know (family) and don't get paid for it. So I had a nice break from work, and did some work - but not too much this time :-)

A bit of gardening, a pub lunch, an Indian takeaway, a Chinese takeaway. Didn't enjoy the footy :-(

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Latest stuff

Been too busy to visit my own blog recently.

Formula 1 : great race today (China). Fantastic that Lewis won; shame Jenson missed out on a podium; but amazingly good race by Webber to get a podium after starting 18th on the grid. Looks like the Pirelli tyres and their designed degredation is making it very interesting this year.

Footy : Damn 1-1 draw, 98th minute penalty for 1-0 and then a 102nd minute equaliser for 1-1. Looks like an uphill struggle now, 6 points behind :-(

Monday, March 28, 2011

Centre Parcs

Just returned from a long weekend, celebrating (belatedly) wife's 60th with kids and theirs. Probably the 20th time we've been to CPs, not as fit (or young) as we used to be, so take it steady these days. My dear wife was not that well, so it spoilt the weekend to a certain degree, but no doubt we will return.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Six nations - disappointing end

Great that England won the Six Nations, shame they got turned over by the Paddys yesterday.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Six nations - nuff said.

Nuff Said - England v Scotland, not the best of games, but England won.

Just watched a recording of the Wales v Ireland game. Wales scored a try but it shouldn't have been awarded. Even worse was that the ref asked the assistant if it was good (the quick throw) and he said yes, where unless he knew for sure why not say no, and let decision be made upstairs where it was 100% clear that the wrong ball was used. If it was a matter of opinion by an official in open play then that's acceptable, and the referee's decision must be taken, and it's swings and roundabouts, every game has them. But this was a basic error. If Jonathan Davies agreed it was a bad decision then Nuff Said. LOL

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a fortnight

Oh bum. 2 weeks ago the only club still in with a shout in four competitions, now it's only one.

Played well today, I would say they played the better but then I would say that of course, but there's only one statistic that counts ........... how many times the ball crosses the line.

When man of the match is a goalkeeper it kinda says something.

If anyone comments and disagrees, rememeber I have the finger on the button. LOL

Goalkeeper crisis

What happens now? DO Arsenal get special dispensation to sign a goalkeeper, as they only have one left in the club uninjured?

6 nations - historic

Italy 22 France 21 - absolutely brilliant and well deserved

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outplayed, but only one

Ooh eck. Totally outplayed, by arguably the best team in the world, but it was only by one. 4-3 was hardly reflected, but history will show it. Wasn't 'cos of the refereeing decisions but to play half the match with 10 men was, frankly, bl##dy wrong.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oops ......... and oops

Was gutted being held to a 0-0 yesterday ............ but feel better today :-)

Friday, March 4, 2011

I despair

Went to a venue I'd not fished for a while, and was happy to take advice on swims even though, to be honest, it was likely I'd have picked one the suggested ones anyway.

But one "hot" swim I was told about (and I'd never have fished it myself, preferring to avoid "hot" by reputation) was occupied - by TWO anglers each with TWO rods. It beggars belief, but that in a way is what barbel angling seems to have become.

Yes, when I fish with the "Biggun" from the frozed north or thereabouts, we sit in the same swim, under the same brolly, each with one rod, and put the world to rights. But that is on the mighty Trent, not sharing a swim on a small steam by comparison.

Ye gods.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Carling Cup


We done 'em

Bloody marvellous, 17-9 against France. Difficult conditions making the ball handling awkward at times so few tries was always likely. Loved it :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FA Cup

Oh goody, ManU away :)

.............. assuming we get past the O's that is.

Phase I completed

Phase I of a decorating job completed. I am doing a complete re-decoration, inside and out, of a 3 bedroom house which has had a loft conversion and a two story extension as yet unfinished. So, 6 beds, plus additional rooms.

I AM supposed to be retired and part-time self employed :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great result

We were run ragged for a bit, and Barca looked every bit the best in Europe, scarily dangerous at times, but a fantastic comeback after the break and gave a great account of ourselves.

A happy Gooner.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fast Theo

Some great action

Sorry Biggun

My team losing a 4-0 lead was gutting, but Biggun will no longer be secretly smug that his lot emulate "the invincibles" - maybe next year, or the year after that, or ................ never? LOL

Son got spliced

Son James got spliced on Saturday. It was a very enjoyable day even though I had to wear a suit, first time (I think) for 35 years, and I even remembered how to tie a Windsor knot without practising.

Pictures of me in t'suit were NOT going to be unofficially leaked, so here's me and Sue in our "outfits"

Here's one of the other happy couple.

Others may follow when I get a decent one, cos me and my legendary prowess with a camera didn't get one out of 150 taken on t'day.

In fact my (lack of) prowess with a camera ranks alongside my (lack of) prowess as a navigator. LOL

Friday, February 4, 2011

One down

Great to smash the opposition to win your first 6 Nations game - but still ok if you win without the smash. Enjoyed a thrilling game, brutal at times; enjoyed Jonathan Davies' discomfort (although I do like him); and even Guscott had something good to say about England for a change.

Thought it funny when Haskell went off for Worsley, and my wife said "why are taking him off, and bringing that skinny guy on" ...... Worsley? skinny? LOL

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aches and pains

A very good mate of mine, some 17 miles away, needed some work done in his house. I wouldn't ever go further than a couple of miles to work these days, except for pals :)

He wanted a new half-glazed door from his lounge to kitchen, and three non-glazed doors from kitchen to other rooms. We went out and found some (new) solid, very nice quality oak veneered doors, which were expensive, but oh so heavy. With his help we fitted four of these over Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Today I ache all over - neck, back, arms, legs - and so does he. I said we were like a couple of old geezers, and he said that's because we ARE a couple of old geezers. LOL

Monday, January 24, 2011

Moderated, by bunch of ????

Well, I love my F1 on the TV, especially back on the Beeb, but when they changed the commentators a while back in Apr 2009 I was less than happy. I posted then on the BBC's own sports forum about this "new" guy JL, who was less than able as a commentator, and many agreed. But we suffered him until now they've changed again, and he is no longer. Great, we could have some decent commentary again, without his screaming, often one overtake or one corner, or one incident too late.

So this week I again posted on this BBC forum :

"Fantastic, at last you got rid of that tw*t, the stupid cu*t who didn't know fu*k all about the sport, didn't keep the sod*ing punters informed, in fact was a complete unadulterated pr*ck"

And guess what? they deleted my post. Would you believe it?

Well, errrrrrrr, it wasn't quite like that.

I posted, yes. They deleted the post, yes. And my post content "contravened their rules". So what did I really say? It was this :

"Best news I've had for ages. That man was responsible for many of my friends to lose interest in F1. Martin Brundle must be equally pleased he won't have that buffoon next to him."

Ooh, err - it must have been the word "buffoon" that caused the unrest. I apologise to whomever reads this that I've left that word intact, without extending the courtesy to my readers of blanking out a letter or two in time-honoured fashion.

So, still wishing to express my views, I posted again :

"I had a post deleted yesterday, but I really didn't reckon there was anything that contravened the rules. But rules is rules. So I just wanted to say how happy I am with the new commentating line-up, and that if someone is now missing then that's good."

It was accepted.

Maybe I need some pointers from a Mr. Monty D


ps. I've since read that this BBC sports forum is going to close down due to cuts, and one comment I also read was this :

"Many genuine posters to the forum have seen their posts and articles deleted for no sensible reason. Meanwhile a small number of idiots are allowed to run free."

So no real loss then? Buffoons, the lot of them. LOL

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First time for years

First time for years ............ I went to the cinema today with the wife as I had an afternoon off. I was told to switch my mobile off in there - didn't have a mobile last time I went. Pleasant suprise as we got 2-for-1 from Orange, plus senior rates, so it only cost £6 for the both of us. Was a film recommended by a friend, but to be honest I found it hard to keep my eyes open for most of it.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Great day out

What an enjoyable day. Sat with my best mate Mike, shared (as usual) the brolly, put the world to rights. It hammered down for a lot of the time, but had stopped when we packed up which is a bonus.

Fish? not important as I've always said "catching fish is a bonus to a good day out". But yes, I did have just one.

5.1/2 hours travelling, 10 hours fishing - people can't understand why we do it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fishing again

At long last. Haven't wet a line since October but have trips planned for Sunday and the following Friday. Bet I arrive on the bank with tackle left at home.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everybody :)