Sunday, May 13, 2012

They should have known better

McLaren. Would have been their 150th F1 pole position, but they didn't put enough fuel in and contravened the rules, so all that work led to nowt. Hamilton must be gutted.

With all their experience, and that technology, why couldn't they work out the amount needed - they sure knew soon enough when they told Hamilton to switch off the engine out on the track, so it makes me wonder whether they took a risk (with the rules) and just cocked it up.


Ok, so subsequently it was deemed that there was enough fuel put in but the rules state "....... and have to be able to drive back to the pit-lane and have one litre of fuel left for the FIA to test"

So, it was iffy that there would be enough left and Hamilton was told to cut the engine - a McLaren cock-up and it shouldn't happen, surely?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

If you like sport ...............

............ and I do

I came across this Guardian article 50 Stunning Olympic Moments which is a great read on a rainy day

FA Cup final today, but I don't watch live matches, I'd rather watch highlights these days. I don't much care who wins, I just hope my lot win today in the Prem.

Will look again at the World Cycling Championships I recorded, some great stuff there (for Brits)

Getting ready for the fishing season. I stripped some rings off of my barbel rods as the inserts kept popping out (I was told it was likely a bad batch in 2003 when I bought the rings) and have finished whipping. Now for the boring job, 2 hours turning them whilst the flex-coat dries. I used to have a motorised turner but it took up too much room, and I don't build many rods these days, so it's a cardboard box with vee-slots, a kitchen timer, mobile phone switched off, a lot of patience - and if anyone comes knocking at the door, then tough.

Got details of the newly revised Fred Crouch range of centrepins, I still need to take some photos but details (words) will again be on my website very soon. I had to buy another two for myself - it would be rude not to.

Roy Hodgson? oh dear, oh dear.

Rowing World Cup starts about now - looking forward to this.