Sunday, May 13, 2012

They should have known better

McLaren. Would have been their 150th F1 pole position, but they didn't put enough fuel in and contravened the rules, so all that work led to nowt. Hamilton must be gutted.

With all their experience, and that technology, why couldn't they work out the amount needed - they sure knew soon enough when they told Hamilton to switch off the engine out on the track, so it makes me wonder whether they took a risk (with the rules) and just cocked it up.


Ok, so subsequently it was deemed that there was enough fuel put in but the rules state "....... and have to be able to drive back to the pit-lane and have one litre of fuel left for the FIA to test"

So, it was iffy that there would be enough left and Hamilton was told to cut the engine - a McLaren cock-up and it shouldn't happen, surely?

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