Saturday, September 29, 2012

No time for blogging

It's been an interesting (for me at least) time recently.

Olympics were great, especially two of my favourite sports track cycling and rowing, which were favourites of mine before we became particularlygood at it. Paralympics were great, an inspiration.

la Vuelta was good, until Rodrigues had a bad day and Contador took the lead - I can't get excited when a drug-cheat wins. Chris Froome did well, but I think he was outgunned by 3 spaniards kinda working together.

Tour of Britain was good, Wiggins certainly grafts but had to pull out. Tiernan-Locke won and hopefully will join Team-Sky.

World Road Championships were disappointing, but largely predictable.

Enjoying being a grandad, wasn't sure I would.

Guested a mate on a club stretch where I've caught quite a few. To be fair I gave him choice of 3 "selected" swims, and he chose well. I didn't get a bite but he had two including a new PB.

Fished with "one of the masters" of barbel angling last week, both of us being guests of a nice guy, it was a hugely enjoyable day. I spent most of the time sitting with him and listening. "The master" invited me out again, so he must have enjoyed it too.

Disappointed Hamilton has left McLaren.

Enough for now, flasks to fill.

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