Monday, June 28, 2010

It's still hot today

It's a funny old world. I used to love football but I didn't get around to watching any of the world cup - but just tell me why people were suprised we got knocked out. Well, actually, don't bother to tell me, I'm not interested.

Now tennis, that's a sport worth watching ................... errrrrrrr, no it isn't.

So I watched the F1 Grand Prix, but all the time I'm thinking who and how will they get at McLaren this time. Oh, a drive through penalty for an error by Hamilton, no complaints there. Except Alonso who cries unfair, of course cos it's McLaren and it's Hamilton. He wants all the drivers disqualified so he gets to stand on the top step. But Alonso was adamant that the incident had been pivotal to his chances of success in front of his fellow Spaniards in Valencia - think again, maybe you need to drive faster perhaps, and for christ sake stop whingeing.

Jeez, it's too hot to sit here typing stuff, as I said this blogging could get boring. There's interesting blogs and there's plain uninteresting blogs. Mine is the latter I guess as I don't have a go at anyone, nor anyone want to have a go at me. No blog wars for me thanks, much of it's really pathetic.

Talking of hot, I just bought a bladeless desk fan. click this link Silly me, couldn't resist the new technology even though it was a mind-blowing £200 all but a quid. Mr. Dyson is on a winner here, except I took it back for a refund cos I have ears, and I want to be cooled down not deafened. Shows my stupidity at deciding in a large store, where the ambient noise was obviously a tad over that in my house.



  1. Popsy,

    How about doing a weekly "How To" segmnet ?Sue tells me your now banished to the shed ?You could be the new Jack Hargeaves ?

    I'll sort you out an 'Orse and Cart.

    Monty D

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ain't got a shed Monty old son, but got 'an 'at like Jack's :-)

    Good idea though - might start with "How to ..... Make a silk purse from a Sow's ear'ole wi' only a rusty penknife"

    Should be a tad more interesting than slagging off a Spaniard and a Fox :-)

  4. Can't find a way to edit a spelling typo from a comment, so I posted a new one (with spelling corrected) and deleted the old one. Why's it show still? Stupid software.

  5. That's it, blame the software, a bad workman and all that :):):):)

    You right about it being hot mate, too hot for me.

  6. I guess I should always ask an expert Tom, so next time have software trouble I'll call you. LOL