Sunday, June 13, 2010

No blogs for a while, and then it's like busses

Whilst sorting my gear, I found some scraps of paper in my fishing bag. Don't bother to write down fish captures as a rule, as you can see by the scribbling to get the pen working,  but I remember the first one well (the top part)

It was absolutely peeing down that day. Just one ounce short of 4 doubles ......... just an ounce.

This one was a record of the first outing with a new rod, a self-built Harrison 1.5lb tc GTx. Funny, but I got a double the next time out too, that's three in the first two trips with this rod, but I don't actually like the rod. But as there's a new version that's 1.75lb tc, I might just ....................

Here's the most important bit of kit - yes even more important than my c'pins

Have to rush, I put the hemp on (on a calor fed cooking ring, NOT the above stove) and wondered why it was frothing over the top of the pot ......... used bl##dy baking powder instead of bi-carb. Stupid boy. Must check washing and rinsing it off before starting cooking again has not flooded my floor.



  1. Popsy,

    Honest as the day is long mate.Many people may have just added an extra ounce on,to have four doubles in a day.:-)

  2. Top bombing mate.................... club water?