Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today I'm ...........

It's been hectic lately. Doing a lot of decorating for folks, but am having some time to m'self now, never was planning to work too much after retiring :-) but it kinda gets that way sometimes. 'er indoors finally told work to stuff it, really pleased she won't have that any more.

Blog took back burner, but then I never was sure I'd bother that much. Inspired by T2C's pics this morning (well Faye's anyway) on his blog so I might just get my camera out ............. problem is that I'm cr#p when using a camera.

Getting my fishing gear ready for the new season - I have a target to catch more than last season LOL. Practised getting my bivvy up yesterday, don't know whether I'll need it but you never know. Did pretty well, but how do you get that thing back in the bag? Two phone calls later and sorted, got it down, and up and down again in no time.

Painted my garden bench again yesterday, second coat. Tossed up between watching the World Cup footy, or watching the paint dry on the bench ................. bench won. I could watch the bench with a few bees buzzing wheras the footy would have 50,000 bees - have they sorted that yet I wonder? Do I care? errrrr, NO.

Still have ten IOM TT programmes recorded, welcome respite from cr#p footy matches ..... Algeria v Slovenia, Serbia v Ghana, who'd want to watch them?

Years ago I'd live and breathe footy, what has changed apart from my hair colour? Hair?

F1 Grand Prix qualifying was exciting, if you like it that is. I thought Lewis was great, just hope that he doesn't get bashed by the Red Bulls - no team orders (they say) but maybe they'd bash a.n.other rather than their own this time? :-) Looking forward to the race today.

Kettle boiling, time for tea, and must get some hemp in the pot.


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