Saturday, July 24, 2010

A bite, at last

I had a very pleasant afternoon/evening in the company of my good pals DaveC and ColinW, fishing a nice club water. The journey there was hell ('ish) - should be 60 mins, took me 2.1/4 hours as there had been a 3-vehicle accident on the Motorway. I used to get impatient crawling along in traffic but these days I just realise that my inconvenience is minor compared to those in the accident - I have time enough on my hands, as the fish will wait.

Yes, I had my first proper bite of the season, and resulted in banking my first berbel this season, an 7-8lb'er (didn't weigh it, of course, at that size) and I was very happy, especially after such a lean spell. The night was lovely. It got dark at about 10.30pm and I was sitting in my shirtsleeves right up until midnight, but we have to stop fishing then (club rule) otherwise I would have loved to have stayed. Funny, but my two pals were cold and they had their jackets on, but not me and they couldn't believe it when I walked along at 12.15 still with my sleeves rolled up.

I had a mishap though. I often use Spam or Luncheon Meat for bait, and my pal had brought me some special meat with extra flavours for fishing bait use only.

He showed me his that he had opened at home and it did smell very strong (lovely) but as I opened my tin, whilst I was sitting down, this red/brown smelly liquid poured out all over my shirt, my trousers and my chair. He his head off and said his was ok as he'd had it in his fridge . Anyway, nothing I could do as my emergency change of clothes in the van did not include trousers but joggers, not really suitable for fishing. So I phoned my wife and asked her to get two buckets out and some detergent and I'd soak my clothes in this as soon as I got home which would be at about 1.45.

I've fished this water over 20 times, but ever faithful to my reputation, took a wrong turn on the way home.

Anyway, when home I spent a while scrubbing my hands with soap and my stainless steel soap bar - all this without hot water as it's still not fixed.

But I enjoyed my fishing so much, what's a bit of smell? I care not, better ask 'er indoors. At least it wasn't Monster Crab

Fancy a nice hot curry tonight, and those beers I didn't get to drink Thursday, lovely.



  1. Well done matey, really chuffed for you, she is a cruel river that one!

  2. I'll try again.........

    I know you caught, as just as I were settling down for the night with a cup of Horlicks,I heard a "Fan Fare" of trumpets and Sir Peter on a cloud declared...."Popsy has a fish,and from this day on,Fridays will now be known as Popsy day".

    Don't "balls" this one up eh ? ;-)