Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a fortnight

Oh bum. 2 weeks ago the only club still in with a shout in four competitions, now it's only one.

Played well today, I would say they played the better but then I would say that of course, but there's only one statistic that counts ........... how many times the ball crosses the line.

When man of the match is a goalkeeper it kinda says something.

If anyone comments and disagrees, rememeber I have the finger on the button. LOL


  1. Van dar Saar is a top goal keeper at the ripe old age of forty Paul, i wish Fergie had pulled the stops out and signed him before he went to Juventus but...................

    I dont understand how Arsenal seem to imploded each season, if they do not win anything again this season will the board sack him? I don't think they will, they should but i doubt it.

  2. Doubt the board will sack him Tom, he may well win the Premiership? LOL