Friday, March 4, 2011

I despair

Went to a venue I'd not fished for a while, and was happy to take advice on swims even though, to be honest, it was likely I'd have picked one the suggested ones anyway.

But one "hot" swim I was told about (and I'd never have fished it myself, preferring to avoid "hot" by reputation) was occupied - by TWO anglers each with TWO rods. It beggars belief, but that in a way is what barbel angling seems to have become.

Yes, when I fish with the "Biggun" from the frozed north or thereabouts, we sit in the same swim, under the same brolly, each with one rod, and put the world to rights. But that is on the mighty Trent, not sharing a swim on a small steam by comparison.

Ye gods.

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