Friday, September 10, 2010

You couldn't make it up

My Mother-in-Law, she's 90 years old, and it started a fair while back in the local A&E.

Previously "they said" options were open heart surgery; insert balloon to open valve; replace valve - but open heart not at her age. Balloon was via groin and we believe they inferred the valve replacement was the same.

She was in "local hospital" for 11 weeks then "they said" transfer to "a London hospital" Saturday and have balloon procedure Mon or Tues

Sun - "they said" need to do a "somethingortheothercardiogram via tube down throat procedure" followed by the "balloon procedure" next day

Mon - They did "somethingortheothercardiogram via tube down throat procedure" but said she had a chest infection so would need a "lung function" (presumably Spirometry) test the next day.
"they said" she would have the valve replacement the following week and would be in hospital for another week after that

Tues - Did not have a "lung function" test. Consultant chatted to her, knowing she was very distressed, and said she was not fit enough for the valve replacement and that he might do the "balloon procedure" the next day if he could fit her in.

Wed - It was explained that the "balloon procedure" would be done that afternoon, that there was a risk of temporary blackout, death, stroke, heart attack, and that she would likely be able to go home Friday. It was also explained that the replacement valve procedure could be necessary after a period of monitoring at the "local hospital". It was also explained (for the first time) that this valve replacement procedure was via keyhole incision, but that the heart would be stopped for a few hours and that a lung would need to be collapsed.
She did have the balloon procedure at 5pm

Thurs - "they said" there had been a problem during the procedure and she now has a "gash" on her arm, and that she would not be going home until Mon/Tues.
"they said" (for the first time) that the balloon does not stay in, it's just part of the procedure.

Fri - "they said" she would not be going home until Tues.
"they said" she might go home today
"they said" due to her age they might get an ambulance to take her home
"they siad (to her)" that the valve replacement was a necessity later (few months) and that there was a risk of
death, stroke, heart attack. Guess what she thought (again) about that?

Rearrange the following words into a well known phrase or saying :

elbow they arse their know dont from their

I have to say that each individual did their job very well, and we thank everyone for that. It's just collectively it was very frustrating. Hopefully my wife can now get the first decent('ish) night's sleep since early June.


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