Friday, September 10, 2010

A bonus

I've always said, and I don't know if it was a phrase I coined or one I read, but never mind ..............

What've I always said? errrrrrrrr ............oh yes, "catching fish is a bonus to a good day out"

Well, never more true than yesterday. In the company of good friends MickyH, TonyL and then later PeteW I had one of the most enjoyable days fishing for many a while. Not to say I don't enjoy all of my fishing trips, and with whomever I choose to go, this day was a cracker. We all caught (except Pete, but to be fair he only came for a short while later in the day) but I reckon we spent more time talking than actually fishing, not disrupting anyone (apart maybe from the wildlife, where Micky's voice is quite loud, caused by many years of trying to be heard above airplanes he used to mend). Decided to finish early, even though the last hour or so is often the most productive, so we could go for a meal in a local pub and have a nice chat. I didn't eat but two pints of (very) weak shandy (what a waste of a decent pint) is NOT the best thing when followed by a 70 mile journey :-(



  1. Thought so, I called to get a fire engine round your place to hose them down :-)