Saturday, May 5, 2012

If you like sport ...............

............ and I do

I came across this Guardian article 50 Stunning Olympic Moments which is a great read on a rainy day

FA Cup final today, but I don't watch live matches, I'd rather watch highlights these days. I don't much care who wins, I just hope my lot win today in the Prem.

Will look again at the World Cycling Championships I recorded, some great stuff there (for Brits)

Getting ready for the fishing season. I stripped some rings off of my barbel rods as the inserts kept popping out (I was told it was likely a bad batch in 2003 when I bought the rings) and have finished whipping. Now for the boring job, 2 hours turning them whilst the flex-coat dries. I used to have a motorised turner but it took up too much room, and I don't build many rods these days, so it's a cardboard box with vee-slots, a kitchen timer, mobile phone switched off, a lot of patience - and if anyone comes knocking at the door, then tough.

Got details of the newly revised Fred Crouch range of centrepins, I still need to take some photos but details (words) will again be on my website very soon. I had to buy another two for myself - it would be rude not to.

Roy Hodgson? oh dear, oh dear.

Rowing World Cup starts about now - looking forward to this.

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