Thursday, June 9, 2011

Neglected my blog

I have neglected my blog recently. Been busy with lots of stuff : decorating for a customer; decorating for a friend; decorating for my daughter; jobs here and jobs there.

The ABF requires much background admin work, but I believe in it and it's fine. It's getting stronger, and the knockers remain unanswered, we do not enter into conflict.

Not the most important thing to sort, so has been on the back burner, but now this is our official logo

F1, was disappointed that the qualifying was "ruined" by an accident (thankfully no injuries) but then Vettel got a time in early so I guess he deserved it. The race was marred by an accident also, so I thought Vettel lucky to have won. But then again, you make your own luck, and it ain't lucky. Monaco requires some planning and some get it right, most don't.

Did well to miss the French tennis, struggling to miss the current one. Has Murray got his hurty knee again yet I wonder?

Missed the earlier TT coverage but have all the remaining set to record.

Like it or not, watch it or not - I don't and I don't. America's Got Talent that is. Never watched even a second of it, BUT was amazed at this 11 year old girl. Not precocious, and terrifically talented for one so young

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