Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Son got spliced

Son James got spliced on Saturday. It was a very enjoyable day even though I had to wear a suit, first time (I think) for 35 years, and I even remembered how to tie a Windsor knot without practising.

Pictures of me in t'suit were NOT going to be unofficially leaked, so here's me and Sue in our "outfits"

Here's one of the other happy couple.

Others may follow when I get a decent one, cos me and my legendary prowess with a camera didn't get one out of 150 taken on t'day.

In fact my (lack of) prowess with a camera ranks alongside my (lack of) prowess as a navigator. LOL


  1. Am I allowed to publicise this lovely photo? You look happy, how does it feel?


  2. I've already publicised it haven't I? LOL

    Feels great

  3. You still may be able to tie a 'Windsor' knot but I think maybe, (just maybe from the photograph) there could be a top shirt button undone??

  4. Well spotted. My neck expanded on the way there. LOL

  5. You cant beat a good windsor Paul.

    Isn't it about time you taught the boy how to do one?

    You do look very dapper sir.

  6. Can't interfere 'tween a lad an his better half now Tony. Maybe she tied his knot, then he tied their knot :-)

    Hope you and yours keeping well.