Monday, January 24, 2011

Moderated, by bunch of ????

Well, I love my F1 on the TV, especially back on the Beeb, but when they changed the commentators a while back in Apr 2009 I was less than happy. I posted then on the BBC's own sports forum about this "new" guy JL, who was less than able as a commentator, and many agreed. But we suffered him until now they've changed again, and he is no longer. Great, we could have some decent commentary again, without his screaming, often one overtake or one corner, or one incident too late.

So this week I again posted on this BBC forum :

"Fantastic, at last you got rid of that tw*t, the stupid cu*t who didn't know fu*k all about the sport, didn't keep the sod*ing punters informed, in fact was a complete unadulterated pr*ck"

And guess what? they deleted my post. Would you believe it?

Well, errrrrrrr, it wasn't quite like that.

I posted, yes. They deleted the post, yes. And my post content "contravened their rules". So what did I really say? It was this :

"Best news I've had for ages. That man was responsible for many of my friends to lose interest in F1. Martin Brundle must be equally pleased he won't have that buffoon next to him."

Ooh, err - it must have been the word "buffoon" that caused the unrest. I apologise to whomever reads this that I've left that word intact, without extending the courtesy to my readers of blanking out a letter or two in time-honoured fashion.

So, still wishing to express my views, I posted again :

"I had a post deleted yesterday, but I really didn't reckon there was anything that contravened the rules. But rules is rules. So I just wanted to say how happy I am with the new commentating line-up, and that if someone is now missing then that's good."

It was accepted.

Maybe I need some pointers from a Mr. Monty D


ps. I've since read that this BBC sports forum is going to close down due to cuts, and one comment I also read was this :

"Many genuine posters to the forum have seen their posts and articles deleted for no sensible reason. Meanwhile a small number of idiots are allowed to run free."

So no real loss then? Buffoons, the lot of them. LOL


  1. Tut Tut Paul................ forum rage? i am i thought so much more of you LOL

    I cannot stand F1 anymore, they have domesticated it since Senna et al, it just isn't the same anymore.

  2. I didn't think it would, but F1 improved with the rule change which banned refuelling. Last season was quite exciting as there was probably five leaders of the drivers championship during the season - haven't seen that for years.